10 Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

Expert Guide on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph Online

paraphrase a paragraphThere are many ways on how you paraphrase a paragraph and it is important that you are able to understand the proper usage of words as to attract the interest of your readers. Another thing that you should remember would be to start early in order for you to make sure that your final texts will be of premium quality. Time is crucial especially when you are paraphrasing lengthy documents which is why if you are in dire need of expert help, do not hesitate to avail our professional help on how to paraphrase an essay.

Probably the most widespread nowadays becomes the kind of international plagiarism. Intentional plagiarism is claiming sole authorship of a work that you know to have been largely written by someone else, as defined in Duke University.

10 tips on how to paraphrase a paragraph: 

  1. Rewrite the article using only your memory and notes
  2. Get rid of the unessential information
  3. Rewrite the key sentences in your own words
  4. Use the quotations to mark the words of other authors
  5. Add a citation when you deliver someone else’s idea
  6. Make a list of important keywords you need to include
  7. Incorporate the keywords and ideas to your article, make sure nothing important is missed out
  8. Insert the acknowledgments to the final paraphrased paper
  9.  Format the document properly (APA/MLA/Chicago)
  10. Proofread and double proofread

If you feel like quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing is still a mystery for you after the advice given watch this informative video that will equip you will essential knowledge.

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