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Rephrase generator is one of the best tools to depend on if you would like to change the phrasing of the sentences without changing their meaning. This is done to avoid any issues on plagiarism, which is something you have to avoid if you don’t want to be in trouble for using someone else intellectual property or idea. Check out the following for tips on paraphrasing activity as well as using the best rephrase generator online.

What Is the Difference When Rephrasing Sentences and Paragraphs?

There is little difference between the two in reality. In both cases, you are seeking to understand their meaning and to repeat that meaning using your own unique wording. For short sentences that are already concise and well written this can rephrasebe very difficult as there may not be many better ways to say the same thing. Paragraphs being longer usually offer you more opportunity with your rewriting as there is often more information that can be rearranged.

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Do Many Students Plagiarize?

Plagiarism is something that is very easy to do, especially with it being so easy to copy and paste information or even whole essays straight from the internet. Plagiarism org provides a huge amount of information about the amount of plagiarism that is admitted by students at all levels in their education and the figures are astounding to many.

They vary from anywhere from 24% of graduate students to 58% of high school students admitting to plagiarism.

It is therefore not surprising that most schools today will utilize plagiarism testing software to deter students from submitting plagiarized work. This is why many students will seek to use a rephrase generator to reword their work to avoid any possibility of plagiarism.

Paragraph Rephrase Generator Tips

It may be tricky to rephrase a sentence or a paragraph if you’re not a writer or an editor. The problem is that you might be afraid of copying someone else’s work, which may become a hindrance on paraphrasing effectively. Check these tips from experts in paragraph rephrase generator:

  • Don’t simply change the words into their synonyms, as it is not the right way to paraphrase. What you have to do is to try again and make sure that you understand the sentence to come up with an effective paraphrased result.
  • If you have used exact same wording and phrasing from the original, do not forget citing your sources. In the process, you can avoid issues on plagiarism that you might commit.
  • For the best results in paraphrasing, experts at sentence rephrase generator recommend that you check the paper if you have kept the original meaning of the text in your paragraphs or sentences. To find out, you should read it aloud to find out if you have kept the entire message while you are not copying any direct statements that you are not looking to cite.

How to Reword Sentences and Paragraphs

One way to reword your text no matter how long it may be is to use a sentence rephrase generator. These, however, are not always the best ways to get text that will be useable for your targeted audience. A paragraph rephrase generator only works by swapping phrases and words for synonyms and will often make many incorrect selections as it cannot understand the context that words are used in.

The only true way to get a well written and accurate paraphrase is to do it by hand. The following advice will help you to come up with a well written paraphrase that you will be able to use:

  • Read the original paragraph or sentence until you are sure you understand its full meaning. Without an understanding you will never be sure if your paraphrase is able to accurately repeat the original meaning.
  • Make simple notes in your own words of the points that are raised within the paragraph.
  • Arrange those points into a logical order for your target audience. Often you will be able to rewrite the points in a different order to that in the source which will make it easier to avoid plagiarism.
  • Rewrite using only your notes for reference.
  • Compare the two texts and reword anything where you have unintentionally copied some of the source text. If there really is not an alternative way to rewrite some of the original text then they should be put in quotation marks to make it clear they are quotations. Even if you paraphrase text you should still provide a citation to give credit to the original author.

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Use the Best in Rephrase Generator for Help

The best in paraphrasing can also assist you in coming up with an accurate and flawless paraphrased document you are looking for. To ensure that you can getting the most of the tool, use only the best among them by checking for ease of use, convenience and cost (others are free, while some are paid). Study and compare your options and start using the right paraphrasing tool for your needs.

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