How to Choose the Best Paraphrasing Website

What Can a Paraphrasing Website Do?

Paraphrasing is what many people think of as rewriting. We repeat what someone else has already written using completely new wording but still ensure that we repeat the full meaning of what they have said. Unlike summarizing which will shorten the work and only repeat the main points, paraphrasing will result in text that is of a similar length and repeat every point that has been raised.

But many people struggle with doing paraphrasing and they will end up repeating a lot of the original wording or maybe even fail to repeat the full meaning of the source correctly. This is why so many writers will turn to a paraphrasing site to look for help with their rewriting. These sites offer paraphrasing through either software or rewriters and each has its own pros and cons.

Automatic Paraphrasing Sites

There are many different websites that have embedded paraphrasing tools that you simply paste your original text into and it will then provide you with a paraphrased version. These tools are completely free in most cases and are very fast and simple to use. They work best with very simple text without complicated words.

The end results however are often disappointing, especially if you are looking to use the results within academic and other important writing. The software of paraphrase website works in a very simple fashion; it takes words and simply swaps them for synonyms. But most words will have multiple meanings depending on the context so you will find that the software will often select completely inappropriate words that make the writing read as nonsense or will totally change its meaning. If you are happy to go through the work afterwards making multiple corrections and changes however this can be a cheap way to paraphrase. Beware however as the results will often be structured exactly as the original and many people familiar with the original will be able to tell where it has come from.

Using Experts for Paraphrasing

paraphrasing websiteThere are many different sites that offer paraphrasing through rewriters. However like many different services that are offered online you will get what you pay for. Many of these services will go through cheap freelancers that may or may not be qualified to help you.

Paraphrasing requires understanding, so if you have a complex piece to paraphrase you will need to ensure that you turn to a service that can provide you with a paraphraser that is fully qualified and able to understand. So always review the site to see exactly what sorts of paraphrasing it can offer and who will actually provide the service.

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