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paraphrase text onlineParaphrasing is basically the method in which you have to restate the entire document by creating your own version. When you rephrase something online, it is important that you comply with top standards as to ensure that your version will be original and flawless. Plagiarism is a common problem and if you want to avoid this, you must be able to effectively adhere to guidelines. To paraphrase something means to present the ideas and concepts in the original document but you should still be able to acknowledge the real source or author.

Paraphrasing Tips

  • Tell the same information but in your own words.

    paraphrasing bedore and after example

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  • Use another sentence structures.
  • Change active voice into passive and vice a versa.
  • Search for corresponding synonyms (or add not + antonym).
  • If you borrow someone’s idea – say it in the form of a quote or name a simple reference. Your supervisors are likely to know the origins anyway, so don’t think you can be sneaky and avoid references.
  • Write down a few most important ideas stated in the text, you don’t have to follow the whole passage.
  • Take a rest if can’t do paraphrasing right now. Then, without looking into the original text, try to deliver the same ideas.

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