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Paraphrasing is basically the method in which you have to restate the entire document by creating your own version. When you rephrase something online, it is important that you comply with top standards as to ensure that your version will be original and flawless. Plagiarism is a common problem and if you want to avoid this, you must be able to effectively adhere to guidelines. To paraphrase something means to present the ideas and concepts in the original document but you should still be able to acknowledge the real source or author.

How Much Do People Plagiarize?

In a survey conducted through Rutgers University 58% of 24 thousand students interviewed admitted to having plagiarized work. 24% of over 9 thousand graduate students also admitted to plagiarizing a few lines for their work. Plagiarism is rampant within education and this is why so many tutors will use software to review your writing to see if it is original. Submitting plagiarized work is now very easy for most schools and colleges to spot which is why text paraphrasing is so important. If you rephrase text online you can ensure that your writing will be unique when it is checked.

Is It Hard to Paraphrase Text on Your Own?

If you have never had to rewrite text yourself then you may be fooled into thinking that it is an easy task. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Paraphrasing means to simply put something into your own words while preserving the full meaning of what was said.

What most people find when they are new to paraphrasing is that they end up reusing large amounts of the source text. Others end up changing the original meaning in some way or will even add in their own opinions and facts that simply don’t belong there. This is why it is often better to find a good text rephraser to help you.

How to Rephrase Text Online

If you want to know how to go about rephrasing text without plagiarism then these simple to follow tips will help you to ensure that your paraphrasing will be done perfectly:

  • Understand the source writing: paraphrasing is about understanding and not only swapping words. You must read the source text with care until you are sure that you fully understand exactly what is being said. Without understanding you will find it impossible to rewrite it and preserve the meaning.
  • Make notes in your own words of all of the points that are raised in the text. You need to highlight each point in succession that has been made.
  • Order those notes into a relevant order for your rewriting. This does not have to be the same as the original if there is a more logical flow for your audience.
  • Rewrite the text using only your notes to refer to. The longer you leaving between reading the original and rewriting the better.
  • Compare the texts and make any corrections that may be required to avoid plagiarism within your rewritten text.

Paraphrasing Tips

  • Tell the same information but in your own words.
  • Use another sentence structures.
  • Change active voice into passive and vice a versa.
  • Search for corresponding synonyms (or add not + antonym).
  • If you borrow someone’s idea – say it in the form of a quote or name a simple reference. Your supervisors are likely to know the origins anyway, so don’t think you can be sneaky and avoid references.
  • Write down a few most important ideas stated in the text, you don’t have to follow the whole passage.

Take a rest if can’t do paraphrasing right now. Then, without looking into the original text, try to deliver the same ideas.

How to Use Synonyms When You Paraphrase Text

One method of avoiding plagiarism is to change many of the words that you have used for more appropriate synonyms, words that mean the same. The following are some examples of synonyms that you will be able to use for your paraphrasing:

Word Synonym
Begin Commence
Amazing Incredible
Awful Terrible
Cut Chop
Dangerous Risky
Break Fracture
Explain Elaborate
Dull Monotonous
Describe Portray
Definite Certain

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