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Do you want to know tips on how to paraphrase dissertation? Then, you have come to the right post, which reveals the exact ways on how to accomplish the task perfectly. Check out the following section for your guidance when paraphrasing dissertation papers or try using an online paraphrasing tool.

Tips for Dissertation Paraphrase

  • Do you have enough time? Start with dissertation paraphrase. Did you know that having enough of it allotted for this task can help you construct the best-paraphrased version of a dissertation paper? Don’t wait until there are only a few days or hours left before the deadline before starting with this important writing task.
  • Remember that dissertation paraphrasing isn’t about writing as the same length as the original paper. This is more of like a summary instead. If you want to make it work for you, read and understand the entire passage to avoid coming up with an unclear summary that does not contain the same meaning as the original version.
  • Another important tip is to sit down, read and understand the text before paraphrasing so that you can avoid looking back and forth the screen or the paper when writing your own version of the dissertation.
  • When using direct sentences from the dissertation, you should enclose them inside quotation marks that can indicate that this sentence is an original idea of the author and not yours. By giving credit to the source, you can avoid plagiarism or copying someone’s ideas directly without citing the author.
  • In dissertation paraphrasing as well as in paraphrasing PowerPoint, remember to use your own words, but it does not mean you change the words only into their synonyms. What you have to do is to understand the text so that you can translate such ideas into your own version without you having to ruining the message of the paper.
  • Change the structure of the text, while keeping its original meaning. This is one of the methods to do a dissertation paraphrase that will help you in constructing a well-written, effective one.

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There you have the tips for an amazing dissertation paraphrase to follow if you want excellent outputs. Most importantly, read, proofread and edit to ensure your work contains no grammar mistakes and sentence structure errors. Finally, see to it that you have included the main ideas and eliminated the useless ones in your paraphrased dissertation.

Simple Tips on How to Reword a Paper Easily

Whether you need to reword or paraphrase texts with or without best paraphrasing tool for thesis, it is important that you make sure that this is well written and error free. The most common error when paraphrasing would be plagiarism; never directly copy the original content as this could compromise the overall excellence of your paper. If you need help with rewording a paper, do not hesitate to seek help online from professional writers. Our team of experts can give you more than just guide on how to reword essay but we can give you the most efficient services anytime, anywhere!

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The Best Paraphrasing Techniques:

  • Write a clause instead of the whole phrase
  • Use another verb tenses
  • Apply passive voice instead of active
  • Replace main keywords by their synonyms, antonyms or simply rephrased descriptions
  • Write in indirect speech instead of quotes
  • Change the sequence: start from paraphrasing the last idea and come slowly to the first one, change deduction and induction
  • Use phrasal verbs instead of original verbs as it is recommended in the tips on paraphrasing

What Are Possible Consequences of Plagiarism in Dissertation?

If you in doubts and still think about using someone else text in your academic writing, it could lead to the terrible consequences. Plagiarizing just once can give a bad repute, and you should offer excuses every time. The second point is that such cases are against all academic coded of conduct, and stolen text never will be yours. The most important thing is that if you are caught, you will be penalized, for instance, you will never get your degree.

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