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Rewording your essays is a common approach to those who want to improve the quality of their text without completely changing the entire structure. Fortunately for those who are struggling with effectively paraphrasing essays, there are easier solutions available online that will surely save you time. In fact, you can avail reword an essay generator online that allows you to enjoy quick, hassle-free help anytime. Our reword my essay services is committed in providing you nothing but excellent services as that will give you an advantage in accomplishing your tasks on time.

How Can You Reword My Essay?

There are several different ways that you can approach rewording if you want to ensure that you end up with a unique piece of work. Of course, each of these different methods can be used in isolation or they can be used together to make a better job of your rewording. The following are some of the methods that you can use to reword essay text:

  • Replace words with synonyms: this is typically how a reword an essay generator works. You take words within the text and replace them with words that mean the same. Using a computer to do this will usually fail as it is unable to select words that truly have the same meaning. The text that is left however will usually still look very similar to the original.
  • Change the order of the sentences: from switching the verb subject order within the sentences to physically changing which sentences appear where in your rewrite this can help along with the first strategy to make your rewritten text look very different.
  • Add in examples: this is another method that can help you to make your original work look very different. Again, just doing this on its own will not hide the fact that the rest of the information is copied. It should, therefore, be used in conjunction with other methods.
  • Add additional research: another way to help make the essay unique is through the addition of more research, either to further support what has been said or even to show another side to the argument.
  • Understand and repeat the meaning: understanding is the true key to rewriting and is often easier than all of the methods used above. It does, however, require some experience and practice to be able to do it well.

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Great Tips to Reword Essay Text

If you are going to paraphrase well then you need to approach it in a different way to simply changing words for synonyms. This method is mechanical and rarely results in text that will actually be useful. Your rewriting must be well composed and focused on your audience. The following tips will help you to rewrite quickly while avoiding any plagiarism:

  • Read the source text until you are sure that you fully understand precisely what is being said. If you do not understand it then it will be hard to be able to paraphrase the meaning.
  • Make notes of each and every point that is made within the original text. Make the notes in your own words rather than the specific language used within the source.
  • Arrange those notes into a logical order for your rewriting taking into account your audience and purpose for rewriting. This does not have to be the same as the original.
  • Rewrite using only your notes and without looking back at the original. The longer you leave between reading and rewriting the better.
  • Compare your written text to the original and make any alterations that may be required to change any repeated wording.

However, as this from Butler University says:

“Remember, if you get caught plagiarizing, the situation or your intentions won’t be an excuse. Build in time to synthesize and properly work in your sources.”

How Are Our Experts Qualified to Help You?

We can provide you with expert paraphrasing help for all of your rewriting needs as we only use highly skilled and experienced rewriting experts. We choose them with care to ensure that you will always get the best results for your writing and text that will always be seen as unique. Our experts are:

  • Post graduate degree qualified in the fields in which they work to ensure that they will fully understand the source text.
  • Highly experienced with all forms of paraphrasing and summarizing.
  • Fully understand how to avoid all types of plagiarism in their work.
  • Know how to correctly cite and reference in the academic format that you require.

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