Simple Tips: How Paraphrase Essay

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Paraphrasing to most can be a real challenge especially that you have to create an entirely new content out of the document you have read. To paraphrase essay, you have to remember certain things to make it work on your favor. Let know that by paraphrasing, you are borrowing the ideas of someone else but only that you put those in your own words.

In this case, you should be able to explain those thoughts using your sentences and writing style. You also have to work on the readability and the flow of the paper. Check out the following for tips on how to paraphrase essay or use a paraphrasing tool instead.

Paraphrasing in an Essay Tips

  • For the best results, you should state the ideas into your own words and not the author’s words. Therefore, you should be able to understand the flow of the essay as well as its main points that you also have to include in the paper.
  • Put the original quote inside the quotation marks to indicate that you’re recognizing such statement as that of the author and not yours. This is one of the best ways on how to avoid plagiarism. Cite your sources by giving credit to the author whose idea is used by putting it inside quotation marks. Even if it is paraphrasing essay, you should know that it is still someone else’s ideas and not yours.
  • Now if you are having a hard time in essay paraphrasing, you should make a short list, which includes all the main idea/s and keywords that will help you remember those ideas to paraphrase. In this case, you can keep the original meaning and do not alter them even when paraphrasing.
  • In paraphrasing in an essay, make sure that you read and understand the content as a whole so that you will have a clear grasp of the message that the author is conveying. By understanding the whole essay, you won’t have to make pauses when paraphrasing, especially when writing down specific phrases or ideas.
  • Do not paraphrase literally, as in word-for-word. This is not the right way to reword an essay. In fact, it will just ruin the entire piece for sounding awkward, especially when you use only the synonyms of the words found in the essay. To avoid this issue, read and understand the points and the story and have a smooth-flowing paraphrased essay.

If you are still unable to cope with the task, an essay generator free online can come in handy.

Additional Tips to Essay Paraphrasing

  • Change the structure of the text, but keep the original ideas.
  • Change the words but not the meaning. Reword the original sentence but keep the message.

Follow these tips and come up with a well-written paraphrased version of an essay. Finally, read and understand the text and make your work easier and faster!

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