Tips on How to Reword a Paper

Simple Tips on How to Reword a Paper Easily

how to reword a paperWhether you need to reword or paraphrase texts, it is important that you make sure that this is well written and error free. The most common error when paraphrasing would be plagiarism; never directly copy the original content as this could compromise the overall excellence of your paper. If you need help with rewording a paper, do not hesitate to seek help online from professional writers. Our team of experts can give you more than just guide on how to reword essay but we can give you the most efficient services anytime, anywhere!

common reasons for paraphrasing

The Best Paraphrasing Techniques:

  • Write a clause instead of the whole phrase
  • Use another verb tenses
  • Apply passive voice instead of active
  • Replace main keywords by their synonyms, antonyms or simply rephrased descriptions
  • Write in indirect speech instead of quotes
  • Change the sequence: start from paraphrasing the last idea and come slowly to the first one, change deduction and induction
  • Use phrasal verbs instead of original verbs as it is recommended in the tips on paraphrasing

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